ASH DIEBACK, LIKE SO MANY OTHER “THINGS”, is a complex, changing phenomenon moving through time.  It is not just about science, it is about politics, economics and what “ordinary” people do and think.

It is impossible for most people to assimilate this multifaceted, context rich knowledge by reading individual articles, most of the content of which is forgotten after a couple of days.

This site is designed to act as an artificial memory (not just a search-able data store) making the points of the past pertinent to its multiple perspectives, impossible to forget.  An hour or so invested looking at the collection, from the perspectives afforded by the Categories and Tags (see HOW to use this site) will give the reader a well-rounded view of the published information which has been generated by the Ash dieback crisis.  Once a reader grasps the wider perspective, then keeping up to date is much easier.

This site, a comprehensive collection of curated and analysed summaries of articles on the subjects and issues involved, is offered freely for the sake of the Ash and its ecosystems. At the very least, it will constitute a record, an act of remembrance.  Perhaps, it will be useful in building resistance to the onslaught.

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