THE SPONSOR OF THIS SITE, OPEN INTELLIGENCE LTD., has many years’ experience creating intelligence feeds using a rigorous research methodology, called Content Analysis (the original data analytics).

It is a process designed to help people get on top of issues quickly, along with giving them the benefit of the very latest data trends.

In order to operate effectively the process initially needs two things:-

1) an easily understandable categorisation of the domain context

2) sufficient data to analyse.

We have the first and the data is readily available on-line.

The significance of Ash Tree dieback is far too great to leave to a very small number of desperately over worked specialists. It is not just about the science, it is about economics and values and, of course, politics — all factors which influence each other.

The scope of this project is about how all these factors fit together and how they are moving through time.

Contact – jicw [at]

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