THERE ARE FIVE WAYS OF READING THIS SITE, giving five kinds of perspectives on its content.

1) Categories

By clicking on the drop down box on the top right, you will see what is technically know as a faceted taxonomy. All the articles in the collection are categorised using this schema enabling you to read all articles pertinent. The schema is designed to cover the whole domain in general terms. By the way, taxonomies can never be right or wrong, they are always more or less helpful, though.


Unlike Categories which aspire to encompass the whole domain, Tags are a controlled language (only approved terms used) used to express single concepts. The Tag Cloud shows you the frequency of Tag use.

3) Word Search

Using the search box, you can search for articles containing the words you specify like with standard Google searches. It is best suited for finding articles containing proper nouns, such as the names of people and places and for technical terms and buzzwords.

4) Scrolling

This technique is, of course, the oldest and easiest, but it is not the quickest! It can be confusing, too.

5) Analytics

The numbers of articles classified or tagged in a certain way provides another perspective on content. Patterns in the statistics enable analysts to make inferences about changes and trends. The value of data analytics grows over time, so it is not relevant in the early stages of a project.

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