The Woodland Trust have asked for £1,000,000 off government so they can press on with their tree diseases three point plan. However, they aren’t experts, no matter what they say. They were a part of bringing ash dieback into the UK by “unknowingly” importing ash trees from known chalara infected areas.

If Defra are committed to encouraging and using crowdsourcing through Citizen Science then they should be fully funding Forest Research and the Forestry Commission to work closely with guys instead of giving taxpayers money to the Woodland Trust who, lets face it – if they are “unknowingly” buying trees from abroad what else are they “unknowingly” doing?

If Defras are serious about crowd sourcing – using the general public as Citizen Scientists to help report, monitor, control and eradicate invasive species and tree diseases – then why start again from scratch with the Woodland Trust? Why not partner with the guys at IAS-ESS who are already one step ahead of the game?