As the UK media help whip up a storm regarding Chalara at the very real risk of diverting funding resources from the myriad of other tree pests and diseases which continue to be at large in the UK and by using sexed up statistics (for example it is estimated that 70% of Denmarks Ash trees have succumbed, not 90%) – the lack of attention towards discussion with European neighbours who have lived with this disease, who have studied it and already introduced new measures which involve ALL parties involved in the trade, planting and aftercare of trees – as well as the management of existing trees, is frankly appalling and a waste of money.

A return to good plantsmanship and good practice with regards tree planting (which has largely gone out of the window since the rise of super charities reliant on volunteers) is what is needed: Local nurseries supplying local provenance grown in the local environment to be introduced into the right place, the right soils by the right people.