We are now also seeing the emergence of some most bizarre ideas for a “cure”. Recent news reports suggests that “scientists” have come up with a “cure” and it is only “red tape” that is holding things up. This cure is the aerial spraying of a solution of copper sulphate and nutrients, presented as a modern answer that just requires fast-tracking through trials.

On the contrary, the use of copper sulphate as an anti fungal agent is centuries old – throwing it out of an aeroplane does not make it a new cure and goodness knows what any “trial” might show that we don’t already know! This is a highly damaging broad-spectrum fungus-killer. It will kill a wide range of fungi, could well persist in the soil and might fundamentally damage woodland ecosystems. Our under-rated fungi are the engines of woodland ecology. They recycle all the nutrients, form soil and enable plants to grow. Without them our environment would simply not work.